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Instead of listing every watch related website I could find, I have carefully selected the following links to be the ones that I think will be the most useful to you. Many of these links take you to large sites that have many informative web pages. They are well worth exploring.

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Where to get help:
Other sources on the Elgin Watch Company:
Other sources on the city of Elgin Illinois:
Where to get watch and clock information:
Histories and information on other watch companies:
Where to get your watch fixed:
Where to buy books on watches:
Where to buy watch parts and tools:
Other watch related stuff:

Where to get help:

There are quite a few "Bulletin Board Systems (BBS)" or "message boards" on the Internet where you can post questions, and usually get very good answers from other people.
TimeZone Vintage BBS
A great source of information on vintage wrist watches, and sometimes pocket watches.

Broadarrow Military Watch Forum
The best source for information on military watches.

American Watch Co Pocket Watch BBS
Forums for everything from the general basics to research on specific brands, such as the Elgin forum.

Watches Mailing List Information
Discussions of all types of watches, both new and old, wrist watches and pocket watches.

Clocks Mailing List Information
The clocks mailing list is a very active, with many very knowledgeable people.

History of Elgin Watches Forum
This forum is dedicated to just Elgin watches.

Other sources on the Elgin Watch Company:

Elgin: An American History
Online versions of E. C. Alft's excellent books on Elgin. While this book is really about Elgin the City, it also contains a great deal of information about the Watch Company.

Mike's Clock Clinic
An early history of the Elgin National Watch Company.

Making the (Railroad) Grade: The 19j B.W. Raymond
A wonder article on Railroad grade pocket watches. It shows how a 19 jeweled BWRaymond works. The pictures are great!

Tom McIntyre's Elgins
Tom collects lots of nice watches, this is some of his Elgin collection.

Rusty's Place
A collector of Elgin watches.

Elgin Watch Time
History of the Elgin National Watch Company.

Elgin National Industries
The company that Elgin National Watch Company evolved into after it stopped making watches.

Elgin Observatory
When Elgin was making watches, they used a observatory to precisely determine the time. This observatory is still around and run by the Elgin school district.

Elgin Observatory
A more detailed description of the Elgin observatory.

Other sources on the city of Elgin Illinois:

Elgin History
Online versions of E. C. Alft's two excellent books on Elgin. Fantastic sources of information on all things related to Elgin.

City of Elgin Home Page
The Official website for Elgin Illinois.

Elgin History via Postcards
A nice "tour" of Elgin via old post cards, with nice write-ups on each one.

Elgin Area Historical Society
Lots of great links to Elgin History.

Gail Borden Library
Elgin's library. The Views of Old Elgin picture collection is highly recommended.

Where to get watch and clock information:

The National Association of Watch and Clock Collector.

Information about watches and how they work. The "Learning Zone" is a great introduction to mechanical watches. The "Watch Talk" forums have interesting conversations.

British Horological Institute

The Open Directory Project
The ODP has the largest list of websites categorized in the world. The topics most closely related to horology are:
Reference: Time Information on time in general. A good starting point for horology topics.
Recreation: Clock and Watch Informational and collector sites.
Shopping: Clock and Watch Buying and selling of antique and vintage items.
Shopping: Clock and Watch: Repair Watchmaker and clockmaker websites.

A very nice list of other Internet sites about new and vintage watches.

American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute

The NAWCC chapter 174 Pocket horology site.

Barry S. Goldberg's Pocket Watch Information
Barry has written a introductory book on pocket watches and has placed large extracts of this book on his website. There is slightly more information about Waltham watches than others, but it covers everything from Swiss and English watches to Elgins.

As Time Goes By
A good source of general information on pocket watches.

Clock Repair Information
Mark Headrick has created a long list of very nice articles on watches and clocks. I especially recommend his drawings of various watch and clock escapements in motion.

Histories and information on other watch companies:

The Gruen Watch Company
Paul Schliesser's wonderful website on the Gruen watch. One day I hope my Elgin website looks this nice.

Mike's Clock Clinic
Histories of many different watch companies.

Barry S. Goldberg's Pocket Watch Collection
Histories and example watches from many different watch companies, but with special emphasis on the American Waltham Watch Company.

Tom McIntyre's Pocket Watch Collection
Histories and example watches from many different watch companies.

Eli's Pocket Watches
Information on many different watch companies.

Origins of the Waltham Model 57
Notes on the first machine made watches using interchangeable parts. The Howard, Davis & Dennison Co. had to reorganize at least 7 times, including into the Warren Manufacturing and Boston Watch companies.

Hamilton Watch History
Tom Watkin's site on the history of Hamilton watches. Many pictures of watches and vintage advertisements.

Antique Vintage Watches
Information about the Hamilton Watch Company, including production year information.

Interstate Time
Information about the Illinois Watch Company.and the private labelled watches made by all companies.

The Accutron Watch Page
A very complete website dedicated to the Bulova Accutron.

Accutron History - As Told By Advertisements
The Bulova Accutron, with its tuning fork timekeeper, revolutionized the watch industry in the 1960's. Learn more about these watches by how they were sold.

Histories on Westclox, Telechron and New Haven Westinghouse clocks.

Timexpo Museum
The Timex Watch history

The largest non-commercial resource on the Internet for owners, collectors and enthusiasts of Omega and other fine wristwatches. Detailed information you need from an truly independent and honest perspective--with no bias from commercial affiliations, advertisers, or for-profit backers. Online since 1998.

Zodiac Watches
History and information on the Zodiac Watch Company. Includes pictures and descriptions of many models and technical articles.

Oliver Mundy's The Watch Cabinet
Illustration and descriptions of English, French, Swiss and American pocket watches made between 1725 and 1908 together with a glossary of technical terms, a chapter on escapements and tables of English hallmarks.

Where to get your watch fixed:

Watch repair FAQ
See the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about watch repair for much more information about getting your watch fixed.

Doug Sinclair
Doug has been fixing watches since he was 8 years old and his watchmaker father taught him the trade and he fixes everything from the smallest wrist watch to tower clocks.

The Escapement
Ed Ueberall is one of the leading authorities on railroad watches, but he fixes all kinds of vintage watches.

The Accutron Watch Page.
If you live closer to Australia you might want to consider Rob Berkavicius

Where to buy books on watches:

Heart of America Press
The best source for detailed information about watches.

NAWCC gift shop
Great place for clock and watch books.

Adams Brown Company
They have a large selection of books on clocks and watches.

US Books
Another large selection of books on clocks and watches.

Arlington Books
Yet Another large selection of books on clocks and watches.

Advanced Book Exchange
A network of independent book sellers that lets you search all of their book stores.

Book Finder
Another network of independent book sellers that lets you search all of their book stores.

Greg Frauenhoff
Greg has written books on Aurora, fredonia and peoria, railroad watch standards, and railroad watch inspectors.

Dennis Booth's software
Computerized database of pocket watch serial number and grade information.

Where to buy watch parts and tools:

A great source of used and new parts, tools and watches.

S. LaRose
One of the largest and best watch and clock supply houses.

Frei & Borel
Another very large watch and clock supply house.

Jules Borel
Yet another very large watch and clock supply house. Requires you to register before you can view most of the website.

Greg Frauenhoff
Greg seems to be able to come up with all sorts of hard to find pocket watch parts.

Other watch related stuff:

1600's watch reproduction
Ian W. Wright's project to use period tools, techniques and materials to create a watch like those found in the 1600's.

Casey Jones
A National Public Radio segment on Casey Jones. (Requires a RealAudio player to listen to it.)

Titled "Nailing Down The Exact Time"

Time Flow Clock
A really cool complex water clock at Europacenter, Berlin Germany. Includes a picture of the clock and a java simulator that you can see on your web browser.

Really cool picture, but obviously not done by a watch collector. I count at least four things wrong, what about you?

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