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Elgin Railroad Grade Watches

Elgin made a large number of railroad grade watches, including their first watch, an 18 size, 15 jewel B.W. Raymond. Elgin also made the first Railroad grade wrist watch, the grade 730A B.W. Raymond.

Kent Singer has written an article entitled Just What Is A Railroad Watch?. This article covers American Railroad standards from around 1850 until 1960 and spells such myths as Railroad watches couldn't be hunter case watches or pendant set.

Kent is one of the foremost experts on Railroad watches and co-authors a regular column in the NAWCC Bulletin. Kent wrote his article in part to counter the incorrect impressions left by reading the very popular "Complete Watches" book. much of (mis-)information in the "Complete Watches" book apparently can't be backed up with references. Kent's article, in contrast, uses just a few of the references that I've seen him use to back up claims.

A related article by Edward C. Hahn about railroad pocket watches can be found at " Making the (Railroad) Grade: The 19j B.W. Raymond". It is a wonderful article on Railroad grade pocket watches. It shows how a 19j BWRaymond works, with very good pictures.

An article by Paul Chambre titled " Forgotten Masterpieces: The Last Elgins talks about Elgin's "DuraBalance" and the railroad grade B.W. Raymond wrist watch.

The following article is from the 1961 New York Central Railroad's "Headlight" magazine. The picture is courtesy of the "New York Central System Historical Society" and Kent Singer.

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