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John C. Adams' Elgin Pocket Watch

John C. Adams was a Chicago watchmaker and responsible for forming the Elgin National Watch Co. (1864). He was instrumental in getting the business men and the machinists, watch company foremen and watchmakres together. He later went on to help start the Cornell Watch Co. (1867), the Illinois Watch Company (1869), the Adams & Perry Watch Co. (1874), and the Independent Watch Co (1880).

In the fall of 2000, one of the descendants of John Adams discovered his watch in a shoe box, it was serial number 113. After contacting the Elgin Area Historical Society, Carol Adams decided that it would be more appropriate for the watch to be in a museum than a shoe box and sold it to the EAHS.

The Chicago Tribune ran a story about finding John Adams' Watch, and it makes an interesting read.

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