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Ebay Logs of Elgin Related Items

Here is a log of Elgin related auctions that have been run on eBay. They can be useful for estimating the price of a similar watch on ebay, and/or how frequently a similar watch appears on ebay.

These logs are not fancy, they are simple text files with notes that I have created for myself. They may be useful for others, but they were not designed to be "user friendly".

Ebay Log Search

Keywords to search for:


  • You MUST use the same abbreviations as used in these logs, or you will not find any items. Many of theses abbreviations are commonly used by watch collectors and will be seen elsewhere. If you search for "solid gold" instead of "SG" or "Father Time" instead of "FT", you will find very few items.

  • Since the search matches only complete words, it sometimes will help if you try doing a search once with the plural of the keyword and once with the singlar.

  • The only watches that have ALL the keywords you give will be displayed. The more keywords you give, the fewer watches will be listed. For example, a search for "16s CVT 3f" will list ONLY 16 size convertables with 3-finger bridges, and not any of the 18s convertables nor the 16s 3/4 plate watches.

  • To not list (exclude) watches that match a keyword, use a minus sign (-) in front of the keyword. For example, if you want to list all 16s 3-finger convertbles that are not just watch movements without cases, search for "16s 3f cvt -mvt".

Format of the logs

These logs are simple text files that contain lines describing a particular ebay auction and/or a particular Elgin watch. The format of these logs is as follows.
Ebay #
At the beginning of the line is an optional ebay auction item number. It is left blank if the watch was not found on ebay.

Serial Number
Following the Ebay auction is the serial number of the watch if applicable and/or available. I often log Ebay auctions for other things, and I am not always able to determine the serial number.

auction stats
Next the time the auction ended, and what it sold for. The date that the auction ends can be determined by looking up in the log to find the nearest "date" indicator line.

Following the serial number is a short description of the watch and various notes. The first part of the notes are computer generated and should be pretty consistent, the later parts are typed in by hand and are subject to my typos.

Download the log files

If you like, you can download the entire log files and then run your own programs on them, or do offline searches.

Current Ebay search log

Old Ebay search log (contains less info)

The "old" log was started in late June of 1999 and contains information through 12/06/99, the "current" one was started on 10/10/99 and contains information up to the present. Note that this these logs now represent over half of all auctions that eBay has ever held. The logs contain fairly consistent information starting around eBay auction number 170,000,000 and as of 08/01/00, eBay is now up to around #400,000,000. Sketchier information goes all the way back to #120,000,000. So, these logs really will give you an idea of what has passed through eBay.

More recent ebay auctions will be at the end, so you might want to search from the bottom up. That way, you can take a look at the auctions that may still have descriptions and pictures.

Content of the logs

These two databases overlap from 10/10/99 until 12/06/99. During this time, the ebay auction number and the comments are found in the "old" log file and the serial number is found in the "current" logs. I have done a little bit to splice these two logs together, but it is mostly limited to matching up the beginning of each day's information.

As these are simply my notes, they have evolved with time and the content has changed as I became interested in different things and became more knowledgeable. Do not think for a second that these represent a consistent or complete log of all Elgin watch activity on Ebay during since June of 1999. The logs start out very sketchy and informal, but have become more formal and more complete as time has passed.

Elgin Watch News

If you visit this website frequently, you may be interested in some of the things that have changed recently.

Changing ISPs30 Mar 2005

Sometime in the next week or so, I will be moving my website from one ISP to another. In theory, this should all be transparent to everyone and there should be zero downtime. If things don't go well, you might have problems connecting for a while, but rest assured that I'll try and fix any problems ASAP.

Hardware problems29 Mar 2005

The power supply on my webserver went out last night. I bought a new one, it is installed, and things appear to be working ok now. Sorry about the 12hr outage.

Older news can be found in the archive.

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