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Abbreviations used in the eBay Logs

The following is an incomplete list of the abbreviations that I have used in the eBay logs:

These are the grade names for the watches, of which I have only listed a few of the ones that I've used. The above example are for "B. W. Raymond", "Father Time", "G. M. Wheeler", "H. Z. Culver", "H. H. Taylor" and "Veritas", but a complete list of names is available.

6s 18s etc.
This is the size of the watch. Sometimes smaller movements are put in large cases, which I mark as "12s/6s" (or whatever).

7j 23j etc.
The number of jewels the watch has.

A number in the range of 1 to 999
This is the Elgin "grade" number of the watch. If the number might be confusing, (e.g. 7 which might be confused with 7 jewels), I will often list as "G=7" instead

Hunter Case watch movement. The watch may not actually be in a hunter case if I list things like "sidewinder" or "sec @ 3"

A hunter case movement placed in an open face case. This makes the stem where you wind the watch on the side at the 3 o'clock position.

sec @ 3
A hunter case movement placed in an open face case with a special dial that has the second hand at the 3 o'clock position.

no sec
There is no second hand on this watch.

Open Face watch movement.

"Convertible" This is a special type of watch movement that can be placed in either a hunter case or an open face case.

I use this for two things. First I use it for "Sweep Second", that is, a watch that has a second hand in the center of the watch with the hour and minute hand. Secondly, I use it for "Single Sunk" dial. There is a chance that I have also used it for "Stainless Steel", "Sterling Silver", or "Stem Set". Which meaning is (usually) clear from the context.

Double Sunk dial.

"Roy Ehrhardt Dial". A well known watch collector named Roy Ehrhardt has created a bunch of different pocket watch dials made out of paper and plastic with colorful pictures on them. I don't particularly like them because I think they won't survive for 100+ years, but I guess they are better than junk dials that were probably on the watch before Roy got them.

Roy is always careful to label these as "recent custom dials" and puts a "blue dot" at the 45 minute marker. So, I can't complain about people thinking these are original.

Other sellers, however, don't seem to be so "noble" about noting modified dials. It appears that many have started to print pictures directly on the dials, I think using ink-jet type printers. The pictures look nice (at least when you buy them, I don't know about 10-50 years from now), and they can hide a lot of hairlines that would otherwise make the dial less salable.

Besides pictures, I have also see a lot of product logos that have been added to dials, such as "Harley Davidson", "Indian Motorcycles", "Ford", "Santa Fe Railroad", etc.

Typically, these dials are found on lower quality watches.

This watch has a Montgomery dial with each minute individually numbered around the very edge of the dial.

This watch has a Ferguson dial with large minute numbers where most watches have the hour numbers, and smaller hour numbers closer to the center.

nice metal dial
The metal dial shows very little, if any, wear or aging, is bright and attractive.

good metal dial
The metal dial may show a little wear or aging, or it might not be that attractive, but it is something that I wouldn't mind showing off.

ok metal dial
Dial has obvious wear or age spots. I wouldn't be embarrassed if someone saw it, but I wouldn't show it off either.

poor metal dial
I would not want to use this dial if I could avoid it.

bad metal dial
The dial protects the movement and keeps the parts in place.

Note that contrary to what many sellers advertise, metal dials generally can not be "cleaned", any more than rust on your car body can. You can get the dials "repainted" (called a "redial"), although I've never done it.

"Reserve not met" This was a reserve priced auction, and the bidding did not meet the reserve.

"Reserve met" This was a reserve priced auction and the reserve was met.

"No bids" No one bid on this auction.

For some reason I think this auction is way over priced.

This watch has been seen elsewhere, I used to list the eBay auction number and price it reached, but now I only do that if there isn't a serial number to tie things together.

This watch has a "Wind Indicator"

Solid Gold

Solid White Gold

Gold Filled

Either Coin or Sterling silver.

A nickel alloys that goes by the deceptive names of "Silveroid", "Silverine", "Silveride", "Silverode", "Ore Silver", "Alaska Silver", "Nickeloid", "Argentine Silver", "German Silver", "White Brass", etc. These cases have NO silver content.

Base Metal. A metal with little intrinsic value.

This is a gold filled case with several different colors of gold, much like "black hills" jewelry is. Often these are very pretty, and they bring a premium price.

Like Multi-Color only made out of solid gold.

"Box hinge case" The case has extra heavy hinges. Adds a lot of weight to a solid gold case.

The case has ring that attaches to the movement, so that the movement can "swing out of the case". This means the body and the back of the case are all one piece and there is one less place for dust to leak in and one less sharp edge for a gold filled case to wear out at.

A variation of the "swingout" case, only the front bezel and the body/back piece are connected together with a hinge. The front and the back open up like a clamshell. This is also called a "trifold" because there movement, back/body and front all fold together.

Around 1900, it was somewhat common to create "fancy enamel dials" that had lots of different colors and designs on them. Very pretty.

Just the watch movement, no case.

parts watch
A watch that is good only for salvaging parts from (if that).

watch parts
Good replacement parts from the factory

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