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R.W. Sears

R.W. Sears started out working as a telegraph operator on a railroad and stumbled across and opportunity to sell some watches. Soon he was wholeselling watches to other railroaders and then he set up a mail order business. He hired a watchmaker named Roebuck who eventually became his partner in Sears Roebuck & Co. The rest is, well, history. Sears bought private labelled watches from several companies, one of them being Elgin.

Name Serial Number Date Description Dial Movement Comment
The R.W. Sears 22330xx 1886 18s, Gr82, Model 2, 15j "R.W.Sears" "The R.W.Sears" Serial number not clear-22330[1 or 4][3 or8]
The R.W. Sears 2234226 1886 18s, Gr82, Model 2, 13-15j "The R.W. Sears" "The R.W. Sears"  

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