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Where All This Information Came From

This website is the result of a large number of people in the watch collecting community who have pitched in to help. I am very thankful for all this help, I have learned a lot from these people.

The following is a list contributors (in alphabetical order). I'm afraid that I have almost certainly forgotten some people or some of the things people have contributed to me. If you know about any errors or omissions, please let me know!

Dan Anderson
Dan has contributed about two thirds of all the Elgin Master Records that I have.

Joe Bott
Photos of Lincoln Elgin people

Bob Cantor
1914 Elgin Sales Catalog

Paul J. Chambre
Forgotten Masterpieces: The Last Elgins

Arthur DeKalb
1926 Waltham Sales Catalog

John Fogarty
Elgin Private Label Database

Greg Frauenhoff
1870-71 railway directory
Grade 571 B.W.Raymond Introduction

Tom McIntyre
what is a watch?
Elgin Private Label Database

Richard Morris
Watch Factory Fire Dept April 3, 1926

Rusty Robin
1950s Wadsworth Ad

Wayne Schlitt
That's me! I've writen up an "About Me" web page for those who think that it might be interesting to read about me talking about myself.

Kent Singer
Kent has provided me with so many scans that I can't really list them all. He has sent me literally hundreds of scans. Some sections of the Documents and Pictures portion of the website are filled almost completely with scans sent to me by Kent. When you seen pictures that is marked with things like "Courtesy NAWCC Library", "Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen's Magazine", or "Courtesy of Catherwood Library", they are usually from Kent.

1910 Horological Review: Pocketwatch Repair
How to open a watch case

Wynter Sturtevant
Elgin Safety Barrel drawing

Larry Treiman
1972 grade 971 ad
1922 flier from Elgin called "For Christmas"

Ed Ueberall
Many of the scans that Kent Singer sent me were really collected by both Ed and Kent and without Ed's effort, Kent couldn't have sent me anywhere near as much stuff.

While I'm not an expert, I believe the information on this page is correct. Please send suggestions and corrections to the webmaster.
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